Fuel Surcharge

What is a fuel surcharge?

In the early 2000s, fuel surcharges were established by the Freight Carriers Association in conjunction with the Canadian Pacific Railway. Since fuel prices fluctuate with the market based on supply and demand, the impact on shipping costs is extremely unpredictable. In an effort to normalize shipping costs, fuel surcharges were implemented to minimize the impact of fuel on the total shipping expense.

Due to the civil unrest between Russia and Ukraine, fuel prices have been affected in an unprecedented manner.  Diesel prices have increased 70% in the last few days and it is anticipated that fuel prices will continue to rise.  Rising fuel prices will continue to adversely affect the transportation industry due to current world affairs.

In an effort to respond to the changing landscape, effective March 8th, 2022, we have implemented a fuel surcharge on all our services.  Please call our dispatch at (416) 494-9090 or email us at dispatch@abramsautotransport.com for more information

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